WordPress Reader: A favorite mobile app for grown-ups

WordPress Reader is a better choice for browsing a content news feed that matches one’s subject-matter interests.

Creating tags (keywords of interest) in the WordPress Reader application

Creating tags (keywords of interest) in the WordPress Reader application

I wasn’t alive during the time of prohibition, but I’m led to believe there were instances where the sign above the door didn’t necessarily jibe with the activities taking place inside the building. The WordPress mobile app and desktop website hide a similar secret.

Regrettably, WordPress doesn’t excel at advertising or socializing the Reader application to individuals who have no desire to manage a business or personal website built upon the WordPress platform. However, steps to use the Reader application without creating one’s own website are described below.

Get Started – Create a Free WordPress Account

Use this link to create a free account with WordPress, sans the free website: https://wordpress.com/start/account/user

If one doesn’t use the URL above and instead creates an account from the WordPress.com homepage or through the application, it asks for unnecessary details about creating a free website. Don’t worry, one may always add a website to this account later.

Download the Mobile App

Download the mobile application from the app store on a phone or tablet.  The app is named WordPress and is published by Automattic, Inc.

Optionally, content can be consumed directly from the WordPress.com website.

Add Followed Sites

Click the Manage button to add a list of sites one wishes to include. It doesn’t matter whether the site is hosted on the WordPress platform or not.


Here, I added one of my favorite sites: Hamilton Scrapbook. This frequently-updated site provides text and images from the local history collection of (my hometown) Hamilton Township Public Library, carefully maintained by local historian Mr. Tom Glover.

Add Tags (Keywords of Interest)

Click the Add button to add a list of interests one wishes to include. Although tags are searched only across content published on the WordPress platform, currently WordPress is responsible for about 28% of the sites hosted on the Internet today.  There will be no shortage of content.

Creating tags (keywords of interest) in the WordPress Reader application

Creating tags (keywords of interest) in the WordPress Reader application

Here, I added a few random subjects: crochet, gardening, hunting, woodworking.

Discover and Search

I haven’t provided images of the Discover and Search features. Discover presents a random assortment of content picked daily by WordPress staff, while the Search feature enables one to view content on a topic without having to commit to adding this content to the regularly-presented feed.

The Result?

In the end, the app connects readers to a variety of content written by interesting individuals not necessarily found across all the other content outlets.

For example, three more of my favorites include:

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