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The “2022 Thanksgiving Scramble” runs Wed afternoon thru Sun night

Thirty years ago, Thanksgiving week of 1992, I was gifted a hand-me-down IBM 5150 computer.

With that beige box and a telephone modem I mastered the MS DOS command line and local dial-up bulletin board systems (BBSs).

Where did the years go? I suppose partly to coding and programming.

This upcoming holiday weekend, why not reminisce of 80s/90s dial-up and terminal gaming with me?

I invite you to join me and my close friends to explore a free multi-player online game of space exploration.

I started coding this game in 2017 as a POC, then continued refining it over the last five years.

Connect using a web browser, then explore and interact with other players and objects using the command line.

It was inspired by videogames found on 80s/90s computer bulletin board systems (BBSs) like Tradewars 2002 and LOTRD.

This short-duration popup, the “2022 Thanksgiving Scramble,” runs Wed afternoon thru Sun night.

See to join the game or to learn more.

But more importantly, make time to enjoy the Thanksgiving season with your friends and family.