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I used my quarantine to create amateur radio software that records and graphs frequency activity

When I earned my first amateur radio license in autumn of 2017 and purchased a hand-held transceiver, I wanted to know what frequencies, modes, repeaters, and times-of-day that were popular with other amateur operators near me.  To accomplish this, I created a heatmap – a grid on a sheet of paper showing hours of the day down the left-hand column, and various modes and frequencies across the top of the page.  Over the period of several weeks I listened to my transceiver and placed checkmarks in the grid whenever I heard activity.  After some time and effort, I had a visual heatmap representation of the popularity of amateur radio in my area.

Example of a manual heat map I created to identify popular frequencies, modes, and times-of-day.

It is now two and a half years later and I continue to enjoy the amateur radio hobby, therefore I decided to take this concept to the next level by creating a software application that can run unattended while I am at work or asleep. 

I have successfully used the application for:

  • Determining popularity of local 2-meter and 70-cm analog and digital repeaters
  • Determining popularity of 2-meter SSB by monitoring 144.200 MHz
  • Monitoring the International Space Station for unscheduled 2-meter FM voice transmissions on 145.800 MHz
  • Monitoring popularity of the 40-meter AM calling frequency on 7.290 MHz
  • Monitoring VHF air band frequencies, amateur simplex frequencies, and rail/public transmissions

You can watch a 4-minute demo video below and download the software for free at

Automate the export of SharePoint List data to Excel to accommodate historic ‘point-in-time’ reporting

Using Microsoft SharePoint as an IT Project Portfolio Management (PPM) and Governance tool has its pros and cons in medium- to large-sized organizations. But the focus of this article isn’t to debate using SharePoint, nor is it even focused on PPM and Governance. Instead, this article explains how I solved the problem of quickly producing historic ‘point-in-time’ reports from a SharePoint project portfolio management (PPM) solution for when the CIO asks questions like, “How many projects were ready for a gate review at the end of Q3 last year?” 

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