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Plan Ahead by Oregon Department of Transportation is licensed under Creative Commons | Attribution-ShareAlike 2.0 Generic

Disney or DMV: Our colleagues view us as a brand

Like it or not, our colleagues view their daily interactions with us similar to a corporate brand.  Here are five intentional behaviors I use to actively manage my personal brand. Several weeks ago I participated in multiple concurrent assignments where none ran smoothly according to my standards. I found myself frustrated with what was shaping up to be my new… Read More ›

Climbers by Jaroslav Kuba is licenses under Creative Commons | Attribution-ShareAlike 2.0 Generic

Goals and objectives can be strengthened with cross-functional peer reviews

The yearly goals and objectives (G&O) process in most organizations is often perceived by staff as a mundane HR activity required solely to support year-end performance appraisals. Here’s my thoughts as to how directors and managers can strengthen the process with cross-functional peer reviews. In my experience, the goals and objectives process is typically structured… Read More ›

Change by Conal Gallagher is licensed under Creative Commons | Attribution 2.0 Generic

Change Management Training: Selecting the right employees to attend

Not every employee is the ideal candidate to attend formal change management training. This article presents a few considerations organized by role. I’ll always remember my first experience being on the receiving end of an enterprise software replacement project that occurred without a formal change management strategy. I had just returned from a week’s vacation… Read More ›

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