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The “2022 Thanksgiving Scramble” runs Wed afternoon thru Sun night

Thirty years ago, Thanksgiving week of 1992, I was gifted a hand-me-down IBM 5150 computer.

With that beige box and a telephone modem I mastered the MS DOS command line and local dial-up bulletin board systems (BBSs).

Where did the years go? I suppose partly to coding and programming.

This upcoming holiday weekend, why not reminisce of 80s/90s dial-up and terminal gaming with me?

I invite you to join me and my close friends to explore a free multi-player online game of space exploration.

I started coding this game in 2017 as a POC, then continued refining it over the last five years.

Connect using a web browser, then explore and interact with other players and objects using the command line.

It was inspired by videogames found on 80s/90s computer bulletin board systems (BBSs) like Tradewars 2002 and LOTRD.

This short-duration popup, the “2022 Thanksgiving Scramble,” runs Wed afternoon thru Sun night.

See https://series-v.com to join the game or to learn more.

But more importantly, make time to enjoy the Thanksgiving season with your friends and family.