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Apply a piece of masking tape to a 9 volt battery in order to date stamp the date of last replacement.

Track expired smoke detector batteries with a strip of masking tape

Ten years ago I undertook a large-scale home renovation project on my sixty year-old home.  Due to the size of the renovation, building codes required the installation of a whole-house, AC hardwired smoke and carbon monoxide detection system. My system includes six detectors in total:  three smoke-only, and three combination smoke and carbon monoxide. I’ve discovered… Read More ›

Removing rust from tools using Coca Cola

Last night I saw a television commercial for CLR cleaner that demonstrated its near-magical effectiveness for removing rust from common household metallic objects.  I must’ve made a skeptical comment to my wife who replied, “I hear Coca Cola can be used to remove rust.” Within seconds I sprang into action!  I ran into the basement and pulled… Read More ›

Thoroughly vacuuming lint from the clothes dryer (after removing six screws holding on the back panel) and replacing the broken exhaust vent shutters helps to both prevent fires and reduce overall drying time

Why did it take me fifteen years to create a simple home maintenance checklist?

The sky was dark at five-thirty this morning when I poured my first cup of coffee.  Even the cat looked bleary-eyed as he lumbered across the house and plopped down on the living room floor.  He stared up at me and blinked while I checked my Nexus 7 tablet for the arrival of any new… Read More ›

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