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Hook readers simply by writing more descriptive post titles

While participating in online communities for writers I often hear others ask, “How can I gain more readership to my blog or site?” My answer:  Use a more descriptive post title so that a reader is compelled to read on. And no, this doesn’t give you liberty to write click-bait titles like, You won’t believe… Read More ›

Charcoal grill by Joery Bruijntjes is licensed under Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic (CC BY 2.0)

Is SEO to blame for the recent trend of poor article substance?

I must have missed the memo informing writers that the tried and true adage, Write what you know was replaced in the last decade by Write to achieve SEO criteria. As a result, readers interested in learning more about a topic unknowingly consume watered-down content that lacks nuance, entertainment factor, and author’s voice in exchange… Read More ›

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