Three study resources for the Level 1 Technician Ham Radio License exam

Five days from now I will visit my local library and sit for the Level 1 Technician Ham Radio License exam.  I feel confident I will pass the exam largely from the help I received by three study resources below.

Three resources I use to study for the Level 1 Technician Ham Radio license

Depending on your age and prior knowledge of Ham radio operation, you may believe that knowledge of Morse code is required as part of the examination process.  This is no longer true as of 2003.  Knowledge of Morse code is no longer a requirement to achieve a Ham radio license!

The ARRL Ham Radio License Manual

I began my adventure studying for the Level 1 Technician Ham Radio license exam by reading through The ARRL Ham Radio License Manual only once.  I admit I felt intimidated when I reached chapter two, but I pushed ahead regardless of thoroughly understanding some of the context and lessons.  I purchased the Amazon Kindle electronic version for $19.95 as opposed to the $29.95 soft cover.  I experienced some formatting issues with the two-column practice questions and answers, but it isn’t a large enough roadblock to purchase the softcover book if you’re already comfortable with e-readers.

The Ham Whisperer on YouTube

After reading The ARRL Ham Radio License Manual I discovered The Ham Whisperer on YouTube, specifically Andy’s Technician License (Updated and good through June 2018!) playlist.  The format of the video series is excellent as Andy walks through the question pool, culminating each lesson with a brief quiz of the actual exam questions.  I really like that each lesson is structured in approximately ten minute sessions.  More can be found on Andy’s website here:

Simultaneously while working my way through The Ham Whisperer playlist I would take a random practice exam from HAMSTUDY: Technician Class (2014-2018).  I took two practice exams per day over the period of two and a half weeks.  My first six exams I failed miserably but slowly started to watch my scores climb into the 80% up to an average now of 96%.  The point here is repetition as actual exam questions and answers are presented.  The exams are structured well and include the correct answer and a brief explanation upon conclusion of each exam.