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January blues. Owls. US Robotics modem.

February 7, 2024. 7:42pm

I survived the January blues–the cold, dark, and downright miserable month of the year where the weather is terrible (here, anyway) and the days are short. Why do I always feel so exhausted and lethargic this time of year? If it were summertime I’d be outside mowing the lawn right now.

Having finished breakfast at 6:50am I noticed the sky lightening through the glass of the back door. I had yet to hear any birds chirping even though the sun was coming up. It seems even they are sleeping late this time of year. And speaking of birds, I suppose the last time I heard the neighborhood owl hoot-hoot-hooing just before sunrise goes back to November. I miss waking up to that sound.

My new-in-box US Robotics 56.6K external dial-up modem arrived from Amazon today. I’m beginning to think I have a problem collecting old technology. I’m not a collector of things, though. Never have been, and I hate clutter. I do have some plans for this one, but I first need to finish up some more time-sensitive household chores before I get to experiment and play.