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Snow, maybe? Never trust a tea drinker.

February 16, 2024. 6:03pm

I made it to Friday, and boy was it one of those weeks that came with its share of turbulence. On the bright side it’s now a three-day weekend for me. I’ll do my best to try and not think about the compressed four-day work week on the horizon.

This afternoon I heard we are expecting 2″ – 4″ of snowfall in the overnight hours tonight that should end by mid-morning tomorrow. Moments ago I tried checking a prominent weather web site to confirm the prediction, but there were so many popup advertisements blocking me from actually seeing any forecasts. I kind of had to laugh to myself. They made me work so hard that I gave up and drifted away before seeing any weather.

I’m currently drinking a cup of Stash tea from a packet I found in the cupboard. The flavor variety is called Wild Raspberry Hibiscus. I like it. Makes for a nice change of pace. I think I might have had an iced version of this flavor tea a couple summers ago. It tastes familiar, but I’d still reach for Twinings Earl Grey as my regular choice. That reminds me of one of Rob’s favorite sayings, “Never trust a tea drinker.”