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Workshop sawdust. I’ve got the power.

February 19, 2024. 7:53pm

It was a productive day off from work today in observance of Presidents’ Day. I spent most of it in the basement in front of the table saw. Even with a shop vacuum connected to the saw’s dust port the basement got a nice dusting that rivaled Saturday’s snow. I’m now beginning to see why some woodworkers resort to making do-it-yourself overhead dust collection arms out of PVC piping that suspends a few inches above the blade.

Also, earlier this evening I got around to mounting a new 48″ long, 12 outlet surge protector to the front of my desk and connected it to the identical one already mounted against the rear. Never have I imagined that I’d max out 11 outlets behind the desk. Truth be told, I don’t ever have 11 devices simultaneously powered, but rather it is too inconvenient to blindly feel around for an open outlet whenever I want to temporarily power something else. Now I’ve got an extra 12 outlets within easy reach.