I am Matt Robb, a technology and fiction writer.

I started writing casually in 2005 and haven’t looked back, which still makes me laugh since I was hardly considered a reader in my youth.  Instead I was usually outside racing my BMX bicycle or inside with a fountain pen and sketch pad in hand.  Come to think of it there must be something wired within me that is attracted to the contrast of black ink on white paper.

Recently I served as contributing editor of TodaysAuthor.com from 2012 to 2015 where I published numerous articles to inspire and challenge writers on improving their craft.  It’s a thriving community and I am proud to be involved in its success.

In 2012 I published several articles on my experiences as an emerging fiction writer for Anglo-Australian indie publishing house, Emergent Publishing.

In 2011 I co-authored The Good Old Days, a full-length children’s stage play in the fairy tale tradition that was commissioned and performed that year by a local theater group.

When not writing fiction my career is focused on strengthening the Office of the CIO through leadership in PMO, Financials, RM, Communication, Change & Transformation, and IT Strategy near Philadelphia PA and Princeton NJ.  My business writing is geared to influence change and pitch new ideas, and you may find some of that writing encroach onto this site if I find the content valuable to share broadly.  You can view my LinkedIn profile for more on that.

Feel free to drop me a note using the contact form below if you appreciate what you see here or just want to say hello.

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I am Matt Robb, a technology and fiction writer. Continue reading →

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